Rainbow Preschool and Nursery is a Community Interest Company (CIC)

A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a limited company, with special additional features, created for the use of people who want to conduct a business or other activity for community benefit, and not purely for private advantage. We are a company that exists to benefit the community and after payment of the costs of running the preschool and nursery all proceeds are returned into the business for the benefit of the children.

As a community interest company we welcome donations from parents and the general public. All funds received are used to provide additional educational resources for the children. If you would like to donate, please use the Paypal link on this page or speak to one of the Rainbow Directors in confidence.

During the year we also hold fundraising activities for topical causes which we link to the children's learning, for example Children in Need. Information on these can be found on our Facebook page.